Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jasper Photos

Here are some recent photos from Jasper. Explanations are in Elder Chuch's own words.

Me and Beppy, Sister Lewis's Chinese Pug.

My sweet ride and my Walmart glasses.

Fine missionary art.

A REALLY hot day. I don't think pictures do it justice.

One of our members has a bunch of medieval weapons. This is the Braveheart sword. It is heavy.

Chihuahas at Mrs. H's. I tried to get a picture of as many as I could.

AWESOME clouds. There are two layers, one way up high and one lower. Texas kind of compensates for having no mountains by having really cool cloud formations.


Country roads.

Dinky B. is our new apartment dog. Ha! (Justin later admitted that the dog belonged to someone else)

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